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Education AIA CE course

MAGNA Glaskeramik together with our distributor Walker Zanger offers continuing education to architects through our online video course.
Our AIA course will review Glaskeramik recycled glass slabs, which represent one of the latest innovation for the construction industry, architecture and design. It is a material that is made from 100% recycled waste and can be returned to the glass production cycle after use. The use of this material convinces through creative freedom and functionality.

Course Title: GLASKERAMIK recycled glass slabs - a new sustainable material
Course Credit: AIA 1 Learning Unit (HSW)
Course Offering: Online Video

Learning Objectives:

• What are Glaskeramik recycled glass slabs? Production process and crystallization, fabrication.

• Sustainable principle of the material, waste glass sources

• Technical features of Glaskeramik recycled glass slabs with regards to natural stone, glass and ceramics

• Applications of Glaskeramik recycled glass slabs

Online Video Course

To take our video course for distance learning:

• Click on the "VIDEO" link below, view the entire video course

• After completing the video click on the "TAKE TEST" link below to register and take the 10 question test

• After creating an account on the test site, you will need to provide a password to proceed - the password is "MGK"

• You will need to provide your name, your AIA number (if applicable) and acknowledge if you would like to receive a certificate of completion

• There will be a short list of instructions and you will be directed to the test

• After completing the test with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive your certificate of completion

If you are an AIA member and you have provided the correct AIA member number, you will receive credit with AIA from your Walker Zanger representive via Email.

Online Kurs

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